Shaw’s Wired Carpet Tiles come in 10 designs that are made up of many different colors. Using the allure of warm colors, Wired Carpet Tiles will set the mood in any room or office space. These carpet tiles come in a multi-leveled loop pattern which will give your floor more texture than your typical carpet tile. The carpet tiles can be installed with double-sided tape or with a pressure sensitive adhesive. With the ecoworx PVC free backing this is also an eco-friendly collection. The line also comes with a lifetime worry free warranty, so you will never have to worry about carpet again.        





  • Style Wired Tile 54492
  • Collection Link
  • Texture Textured Loop
  • Product Type Tile
  • Fiber Eco Solution Q® Nylon
  • Backing EcoWorx® Tile
  • Dye Method 100% Solution Dyed
  • Tufted Weight 14
  • Warranty Lifetime Commercial Limited





When you look and see there’s only 10 options versus some of our products that have up to 15-20, you may think it’s a small number. However, the extremely diverse versatility you can find in just those 10 will impress you tons. The way the pattern and texture is, is nothing like any of the carpet tiles you will see. This all is a gigantic plus when you realize how easy we make it for you to buy it and put it in yourself with our extremely simple double backing tape.  




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