Shaw Twist It Carpet Tile



Shaw Twist It Carpet Tile is a 22 oz. solution dyed nylon with a lifetime warranty. This product can be installed on any level with ease. The variety and diversity in the color options makes this collection a great one in its own. Having up to 8 colors really brings that privilege of having a variety of choices.     





  • Multi-Level Pattern Loop
  • Tile
  • Eco Solution Q® Nylon
  • EcoWorx® Tile
  • Solution Dyed
  • 22.0
  • Lifetime Stain, Lifetime Performance





Shaw Twist It Carpet Tile belongs to one of the most efficient types of floors. That would be carpet tile. Carpet tiles are some of the easiest floors to manage, which makes everything easy for you. Ease of installation, transportation, and purchase are things you can expect from this floor. Having all these characteristics will make sure you are confident and happy with the floor you put in your home or business.


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