Shaw Succession II Carpet Tiles



Shaw Succession II Carpet Tiles is a 43 oz. solution dyed UV Polypropylene  with a lifetime warranty on it. With the contrasting colors all found in the collection, you can expect to have the privilege of choice. That can be a great thing to have when choosing a floor, since you want something you’re going to keep for a long period of time. You can rely on this floor to supply your needs. Every need from appearance, reliability, and manageability will all be met to exceeding standards.        





  • Hobnail
  • Walk Off / Entry Way
  • Hi UV Polypropylene
  • EcoWorx® Tile
  • 100% Solution Dyed
  • 43.0
  • Lifetime Performance





This product has a lifetime warranty. Shaw Succession II Carpet Tiles are some of the most diverse on the market. While other collections mostly focus on one feel or color scheme, this collection features up to many different styles. Styles like colorful, professional, neutral, and darker colors can all be found in this collection. Having these options for you to choose from brings a guarantee that you will find something you enjoy. 


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