Shaw No Limits carpet tiles are a virtually solid pattern tile with hints of other colors interspersed throughout to create each tiles overall color scheme. This carpet tile collection features 16 different colors that can be easily mixed and matched to create a more customized flooring surface. These floor tiles can be used as either flooring for an entire room or as a customized area rug and only need double-sided tape to hold them together. They can also be installed virtually anywhere and are a lot easier to install and maintain than broadloom carpeting, making them perfect for any residential or commercial environment. These modular carpet tiles are very ‘Green’ being constructed with recycled materials in both the fiber and the backing, making them the perfect tiles for the environmentally conscious consumer. No Limits tiles are backed by a lifetime warranty, ensuring that they will last for as long as you own the flooring.        





  • No Limits J0069
  • None
  • Textured Loop
  • Performance Broadloom
  • 100% Solution Q Nylon
  • StaLok®
  • 100% Solution Dyed
  • 26
  • Lifetime Commercial Limited





The Shaw No Limits Carpet Tile is what the name is. It really has no limits. It’s an amazing time to choose, because it’s not only used from very strong recycled nylon and backing, but the look is different from the others in its group. The way the different colors are combined to make a unique pattern will draw in the audience. Its solution dyed and its a very reliable carpet tile to pick for yourself or your business. 




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