Shaw Multiplicity Carpet Tiles are a fast selling, easy to install carpet tile. The name Multiplicity is relevant since each tile features a unique combination of colors which match nicely and will bring out the character of any room. Popular in many office places and heavy traffic environment. The Ecoworx backing will let you know that this floor is here to last. So if you are looking to make your office or home look better consider Shaw Multiplicity Carpet Tiles.        





  • Multiplicity tile 54594
  • None
  • Textured Loop
  • Tile
  • 100% Solution Q Nylon
  • EcoWorx® Tile
  • Solution Dyed
  • 17
  • Lifetime Commercial Limited





This Shaw Multiplicity Carpet Tile is one of those you are really looking for if you’re looking for a very simple and nice carpet tile. It makes whatever you put the floor in look so much better and it keeps your mind safe knowing that the amount of look the carpet has keeps up with the very safe and trust strength of the carpet itself with it’s 100% nylon and EcoWorx backing. 




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