Shaw Chatterbox Carpet Tile is an 100% nylon and 100% solution dyed carpet tile we have in the Mainstreet options. The design is a lot different from the other options we have and it’s a great decision to make when looking through your carpet tile options. It comes with lifetime commercial limited warranty. However, with how reliable and strong our carpet tiles are, you will rarely ever have an issue to where you need a warranty.        





  •  None
  •  Babbler 59300
  •  Graphic Loop
  •  Tile
  •  100% Solution Q Nylon
  •  EcoWorx® Tile
  •  100% Solution Dyed
  •  18
  •  Lifetime Commercial Limited





This Shaw Chatterbox Carpet Tile is one of the strongest and most dependent. Like a few of the others, it’s made from 100% nylon, and is almost stainless. You should have no issues with this carpet tile what so ever. It also comes with a very nice look that suits any type of look you’re going for. Whether it be luxurious, or relaxed and welcoming. 




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