Shaw Philadelphia Carbon Copy Commercial Carpet Tiles are dense and durable. The collection is highly stain resistant and cleans up with bleach/water solution making it perfect for anywhere where kids or pets will roam. Carbon Copy Tiles come in 12 colors so there is something for every room in your house.     





  • Carbon Copy 54806
  • Duo
  • Multi-Level Pattern Loop
  • Tile
  • Solution Q Nylon
  • EcoWorx® Tile
  • Solution Dyed
  • 13
  • Lifetime Stain, Lifetime Performance





The Shaw Carbon Copy Carpet Tile is one of our many choices that goes well with the average person looking for flooring. This floor goes well with families with kids or any office that may run into issues. It’s a very simple to clean up carpet tile, while it still remains durable against anything. Adding onto that, there’s over 10 color choices to choose from, so you can purchase multiple colors and have different styles for each room you put them in. 




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