Foss Indoor Outdoor Carpet Tiles






Foss Indoor Outdoor Carpet Tiles is not only beautifully strong and durable, but is also made of eco-fi. The ideal is amazing, the product has no backing that will soak up water the fibers are fused together to make the perfect carpet. The product will not stain because the product is PET, a fiber made up to 100% recycled purified plastic bottles. In other words its plastic, but this product will feel like any other carpet that you have felt in your life. This product is great when you have a area where a floor is exposed to a lot of water and dirt.      






Smart Transformations Collection of peel and stick, self- adhesive commercial carpet tiles are 24″ x 24″ multi-purpose carpet tiles that are made for long term performance in Commercial and residential environments; indoor and outdoor.

Style Smart Collection offers the same durable performance but in a smaller 18″ x 18″ footprint and in 12′ wide.

Cashmere Collection is unlike any other flooring. The entire Cashmere line features Foss’s Natural Touch Fiber. These products can be installed in endless applications and cut in any direction without ever fraying, zippering, and unraveling. 




Dura-Lock is a new state-of-art, premium PET carpet backing and fiber locking system that permanently locks each fiber in place and meets the most stringent carpet construction standards. 

Naturion is a new antimicrobial technology made in the USA by Foss Manufacturing. Naturion is a powerful FDA- cleared SpectraShield (9500 N95) surgical respirator mask. It’s also the first and only antimicrobial that uses a balance of silver and ions in a fiber that fights off mold, mildew, and odor. 

Dura Knit is a new premium carpet-backing technology that can cut in any direction without fraying, zippering and unraveling. 

Natural Touch is a PET product that feels like wool that gives you a natural look. One of many features that Natural touch provides is that it can stand up to steam cleaning and frequent vacuuming without staining and fading.



Foss Floors is a trusted leader and pioneer in non-woven needle-punch floor coverings and specialty flooring products. With an unwavering
commitment to environmentally sustainable, American-made manufacturing, our products are produced in our three state-of-the-art, computerized production facilities in Rome and Chatsworth, Georgia using superior PET fiber made from 100% purified recycled bottles. We are unrivaled in our ability to efficiently and
effectively design, manufacture, convert, package, and distribute a vast array of flooring products worldwide. As one of the world’s largest needle-punch based manufacturers, we have the expertise and experience to add value and support the needs of our customers across virtually all flooring applications and markets.