Tarkett Vinyl Flooring & Tarkett Permastone

Since 1872, the flooring powerhouse that is Tarkett has been on the move to create one of the most employee-, customer-, and earth-friendly companies the flooring world has ever known; starting from the foundation of the conglomerate of corporations across the world, all with the same goal in mind:  to be the industry leader in a wide array of surfacing industries.  From their introduction with a Domco linoleum plant in Canada to the implementation of one of the LOWEST VOC emissions manufacturing plant in the world, Tarkett has diligently become the most efficient manufacturer of vinyl tile, vinyl plank, baseboards, field turf and track and field surfaces for major sports facilities across the world and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

  Take Tarkett’s Permastone line for example.  With its Tritonite® patented ceramic coating, it can withstand more than enough wear and tear from the kids, the dogs, the cats, and the other creatures that seem to constantly wreak havoc on a home and no one knows who did it.  The Permastone line comes in three installation options which are evidence that Tarkett cares about the needs and desires of any individual.  They put the ‘custom’ in customer by allowing anyone to select from the 35 different color-styles to get the perfect fit for the particular job.  Not only that, but the whole collection comes with either a two-sided GroutFit® system, which allows the user to install with a premade grout system that looks like real grout, or a GroutFil™ system, which allows the user to install with their choice of 14 different acrylic grouts to get that perfect thickness of grout lines, or go GroutLess™, in which the product comes in the same manner as the grout-it-yourself system but the rolled-edge technology allows the user to install without having to be as concerned with subfloor imperfections because the rolled edges allow the tiles to seemingly line up rather than having the installer perfect the imperfect subfloor prior to installation.  The tiles almost line themselves up!

  Now, if you want that same strength and durability but with a wood look, check out the Tarkett Transcend collection.  With a lifetime limited residential warranty and a 10-year limited light commercial warranty, you can be certain that these floors will last through the years.  It’s perfect for any situation, and, best yet, is the fact that it is moisture-, mess- and spill-proof.  Tarkett Transcend might even stand up against its own acronym!!


 Then, there is the Tarkett Permastone Modular, a combination of 8×8, 8×16, and 16×16 tiles for those who prefer a little more variation in their floors.  Permastone Modular comes in 18 different designs and can add a touch of earthy elegance to any room.  It is also available with the two-sided GroutFit® system for added character.

  Tarkett has been the innovator in the flooring industry since 1957, designing exceptional products with the stylish look of tile, plank, stone, slate, and other natural textures and tones.  The long-lasting, low-maintenance pleasure of resilient products from Tarkett is only the beginning. Our patterns and designs range from rustic elegance to contemporary cool. Our products not only look more realistic than the competition, they feel like the real thing. Go ahead and compare them; you’ll see and feel the difference. And no two pieces are alike, ever. Every single tile or plank is an original, which means your floor is too!

And, we can proudly say all of our products are MADE IN THE USA!


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