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 Earthwerks Vinyl Flooring is a huge line of vinyl plank and vinyl tile with a variety of looks to meet the needs of any room’s site, scene, or setting.  The entire line is designed to give you the look and styling you need for any project.  Whether it be a fun place for the kids to play, an elegant dining hall to impress your friends, or just a comfy little nook to read your favorite book while enjoying warm cup of coffee or tea, the spill-proof flooring, in the look you need, to provide your home with the appeal of your dreams. Luxury Vinyl Flooring comes in entry level to upper-end price points so please check out all of the plank and tile collections for a style you’ll love. Another great thing about Luxury Vinyl Flooring



Which Adhesive should I use?

All vinyl floors expand when heated and contract when cooled. This is referred to as thermal dimensional change. Vinyl has memory and will go back to the size it was manufactured as it approaches room temperature. This thermal dimensional change can be caused by a variety of temperature fluctuations such as lack of acclimation prior to installation, turning the HVAC system off, direct sunlight thru an unprotected window, etc. These temperature fluctuations are more important with plank than tile. 36” and 48” plank will expand and contract three and four times more than a 12” tile due to its length.

Our ST 100 being a pressure sensitive adhesive is very easy to use during installation. It has a long open time. You can install into it wet, semi-wet or dry and you can install over a non-porous surface using the dry lay method. It remains tacky allowing for simple repairs should damage occur to the floor.

Our EW 250 adhesive is a wet lay acrylic that sets much harder than a pressure sensitive. It has a short open time as you have to lay into it wet and the substrate must be porous. Only spread what you can install in 20 minutes, but do not let the adhesive flash. Once it does fully cure it is more resistant to thermal dimensional change compared to a pressure sensitive adhesive. However, making repairs are difficult due to the stronger bond.

Please note, with either adhesive we require acclimation and a climate controlled environment. This is a general guideline. We recommend that you read the full installation and adhesive guidelines prior to installation. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our technical hotline at 800-275-7943 option 2.

Glue-Down Installation


Strength, performance, luxury and style are built into all of the flooring products you will find under the EarthWerks brand name. We have looked all over the globe to find floor coverings that will provide you with lasting beauty at affordable prices.

LinkWerks (Glue-Less Installation)

Loose-Lay Installation


Specifications, Warranty and Maintenance





Earthwerks knows luxury vinyl flooring just about better than anyone. Now with the new WPC Earthwerks is introducing two collections the Sherbrooke and Parkhill. These products are waterproof and very easy to install. Please check out the Sherbrooke on this page with 6 colors to choose from, Earthwerks feels you will find what you are looking for.

Earthwerks Parkhill WPC luxury vinyl plank is durable, kid friendly  and waterproof. A lifetime residental and a 30 year commercial warranty with tuff shield and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Parkhill has 6 colors to choose from, call us today

Earthwerks Bamboo Plank is a luxury vinyl plank collection with a stunning variety of realistic colors, for a modern look. Smooth embossing covers each 4″ wide plank, the perfect size for most rooms.

Earthwerks Innsbruck Plank is a luxury vinyl plank collection with a stunning variety of realistic colors, with a rustic look and bold color variations. Ribbed embossing creates an alluring texture on these 6″ wide planks, the perfect size for most rooms.

Earthwerks Lancaster Plank 6″ is a square edge plank with ribbed embossing. It gives the luxury vinyl plank a very nice wood grain look making it more realistic than other entry level LVPs. Although an entry level product line, this collection offers some outstanding visuals that are sure to find a place in your home.

Earthwerks Legacy Plank is a luxury vinyl plank collection with a stunning variety of realistic species and colors. These 5″ wide planks are fitting for most rooms, especially larger ones, and come with a Lifetime Residential Warranty because of the Tuff Shield Coating.

Earthwerks Remington Plank is a luxury vinyl plank collection with a stunning variety of realistic colors. Ribbed embossing creates an alluring texture on these 6″ wide planks, best suited for larger rooms.




Luxury Vinyl Plank