Armstrong Vinyl Tile and Vinyl Plank

Armstrong Vinyl Tile and Armstrong Vinyl Plank flooring is making big moves in the resilient flooring industry.  The Armstrong Alterna Tiles create real stone and tile looks that will last a lot longer than natural stone or ceramic and will be inherently warmer under your feet.  Replacing a single tile is a snap and can be done without the use of a wet saw.  The Armstrong Luxe Plank flooring is the most realistic vinyl plank flooring on the market and comes in very unique and distinct visuals that are truely remarkable.  Armstrong also has a favorble product, called Luxe Fastak.  Its a looselay, floating luxury vinyl that has an amazing feature; the adhesive is infused into the back of the product.  But it can still be pulled up and replaced and moved around for a seamless installation.

With an ever expanding market, Armstrong has brought many new resilent products to the table.  First and foremost they have launched their most durable luxury vinyl floor called Armstrong Vivero.  The Vivero is exploding onto the scene, boasting its diamond finish called Diamond10 Technology.  Pretty much, they put diamonds in the finish.  It makes the product extremely durable on the top side.  A little late to be launching LVP products?  Not for Armstrong.  The Vivero is more than capable of taking market share with their new finish.  Its split up into 6 categories offering both glue down and a click-lock installation called Integrilock: