The Quick Step Country laminate wood flooring collection shines with Quick Step’s most authentic hand scraped look. The wooden floors of country mansions used to be felled and processed by hand using traditional skills. Each plank was unique. No wonder you only find these expensive floors in castles and large mansions. Quick•Step® makes traditional techniques an affordable option with the Country Collection, thanks to the new ‘Country Surface’ structure and ‘Contour Artisanal’ . To the touch you would swear that traditional materials have been used to create a genuine pastoral style. You see and you sense the hand of a craftsman in every plank, which exudes an exclusive artisanal aura. Every plank has recessed edges, as you’d expect in a felled timber floors.What’s more, the planks are 9.5 mm (6/16”) thick, which ensures you get a more well-rounded sound and a luxurious sensation.

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