Great Pricing on all Lamett Laminate Flooring



Lamett Laminate flooring is a beautiful modern looking laminate that would be just right for your budget, check out the selections below and we believe you will agree. The flooring industry has gone to great lengths to make laminate more than just imitation hardwood. Reputable companies like Lamett have given laminate flooring the look and feel of a true hardwood, while still maintaining its durability. It’s becoming more popular with not only the budget minded shopper, but those who demand aesthetic appeal and design along with the comfort of knowing their floor is safe to be lived on.



Would you like to install parquet yourself? Step-by-step instructions on how to install your Lamett parquet best are given below for each collection. Also make sure you watch the corresponding videos.


Installation Instructions for Wood Flooring 

Installation Solid T&G

      (Richmond Classic, Richmond Sculpted)

Installation Solid Drop Lock

      (Quick Pro Solid Wood)

Installation of Engineered Drop Lock

      (Ashbury Elegant, Ashbury Sculpted)





Maintenance Instructions for Laminate Flooring

Maintenance Instructions for Laminate Flooring






Coastal is a TruEdge Natural Bevel laminate with handscraped surface. It has an AC3 residentialwear rating and Drop Loc glueless installation system. It comes in 3 matt colour tones, following the latest trends.

Inspired by tropical sceneries from distant lands, Hemispheres laminate flooring provides the ultimate exotic wood look with a durable high-quality finish. The TruEdge natural bevels distinguish each beautiful plank while allowing easy maintenance. A truly unique collection both in design and technology.

Rustic Hickory laminate provides the visual of the popular Hickory species, complemented
by Real Wood Feel EIR embossing and a very subtle handscraped surface. The TruEdge
Natural Bevel technology gives a professionally finished look, and makes cleaning a breeze.

Soho is a synchronized embossed laminate floor featuring a TruEdge Natural bevel to be the perfect copy of domestic or exotic wooden floors. The floor comes with an AC4 heavy wear rating and features the new Drop Loc installation system for easy floating installation.

Real Wood Feel surface technology with real wood effect.
Carefully designed decors for a truly high end exotic or domestic wood floor look.
Thanks to the TruEdge Natural bevel, the grain of the decor paper continues in the bevel, giving it a more natural look, making it more water resistant and easy to sweep and mop as dirt does not get trapped between planks.
Brushed and handscaped surface and AC4 heavy wear rating.