Shaw Sandstone Wirebrushed Solid Hardwood

Like Shaw’s popular Grand Canyon, Sandstone is a gorgeous solid hickory with the same green story as Grand Canyon and Rio Grande. But Sandstone is wire-brushed rather than scraped, which gives a gently textured appeal. It also has a lower gloss level, creating a nice matte finish that highlights the wire brushing. Another similarity to Grand Canyon is that the composite structure of the floor creates lines or a butcher-block appearance. The wire brushing makes this characteristic even more visible than in the scraped version, which tends to mask it more. In addition, Sandstone’s brushed beveled ends may appear chiseled or time worn, adding to the beauty and uniqueness of this hardwood floor. If you aren’t familar with the wire brushing technology, its a very smart, and innovative process.This process takes out the soft grain of a hardwood and leaves the hard grain giving a flooring more surface density, which can be very desireble, if you have small children and pets. In all honesty, there is not a complete answer when it comes to larger pets in your home, but this floor will give you as more protection as any product on the market.

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