Shaw Grand Opportunity Prefinished Solid Hardwood Flooring

Shaw’s Grand Opportunity Oak Flooring has become the go-to flooring choice for those desiring today’s finish strength with yesterday’s grain-pattern. This classically designed hardwood floor is comprised of premium cuts obtained with quality milling practices to ensure a more natural grain as well as classic and modern stain colors to optimize the beauty of your home by giving you a wide array of color choices.
Join these features with the Scufresist Platinum aluminum-oxide enhanced, UV-cured, urethane finish at a semi-gloss level and you will find yourself with friends and neighbors with ever-growing envy wanting to come to your home just one last time to make sure that it is what they want in their homes as well. Shaw has, once again, outdone themselves by bringing together modern wood flooring techniques and advances and classic American hardwood floors.
Shaw’s Grand Opportunity is ON SALE this month!! Call one of our friendly and experienced customer service representatives for a quote today!!

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