Anderson Della Mano Hickory and Della Mano Maple

FROM THE HANDS OF THE MASTERS Skilled hands masterfully wielding traditional tools handcraft each of our Anderson Della Mano boards to be a unique work of art, for no two are identical. Anderson Della mano, which in Italian means “from the hands,” continue a heritage that dates back to the exquisite scuptures of MIchaelangelo. Anderson craftsmen continue the master’s art of seeing the beauty in natural material, then bringing that beauty to light in the most intimate way possible–by hand.  [apss_share custom_share_link=’’..


The beauty is backed up by 21st Century technology. Each 6.8″ wide board is 5 plies and Cross-Locked Engineered (R) to a full 11.9 mm thickness (1/2″ normal) before scraping and sculpting. Every board is backed by a lifetime structure warranty. The surface, handscraped into the rugged textures of a simple hewn floor, is then hand-sculpted into the gentle contours of a floor smoothed by generations of footsteps. This artwork is then coated with Duratina (R) low gloss satin finish.. The homeowner protection package includes a 25-year warranty against finish wearthrough and a lifetime glue bond guarantee in addition to the structural integrity warranty. All species and colors are available without pegs only. They can be glued, stapled, nailed or floated below, on or above grade..


Width: 6.8″
Thickness: 1/2″
Construction: Engineered 
Edge: Beveled
Finish: Aluminum Oxide
Installation: Glue, Float, Staple, or Nail
Warranty: 25 Year Residential Finish Warranty
Sq Feet Per Carton:  23.61 ft2


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