Name brand Carpet and Commercial Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are beautiful, durable and easy to install. Why go with carpet tiles? A couple of good reason to go with carpet tiles are; first you may not need an installer, because much like a simple puzzle most people can do their own installation. Tight location, some times a roll of carpet is hard to transport upstairs or to upload on location whereas; carpet tile come in a box that can be carried by hand even upstairs. Great for every project from, basement, commercial offices or even high rise apartments. Shaw and Mohawk make up most of the carpet tile market with a wide selections and styles to choose from. Here at DWF we can lead you through your project with success and satisfaction. We carry wholesale carpet that you may not be able to find in your location. Such as discount commercial carpet tiles, stain master tiles. We are one of the leading carpet tile wholesaler in the country in the southeast, why not give us a call and make your next carpet tile installation a success.