BR111 Santos Mahogany


BR111 Santos Mahogany is True Hardwoods' favorite species in the BR111 product line.  The color tones and grain patterns are unreal and any of the following Santos Mahogany products would make a very regal looking floor for your home.  If sophistication is what you're after then you've found the right hardwood floor for your home.  Please give us a call or email with any questions.

True Hardwoods is an authorized BR111 Flooring dealer. Just follow this link and enter our zip code 30701 on BR111's site to verify. BR111 Dealer Locator

This engineered product from BR111 comes in 3/8" thickness and 3-1/4" wide engineered planks.  With a robust 3.6 mm wear layer this is the perfect engineered floor for someone that is concerned more with the longevity of the product over price.  Once again the 3-1/4" wide planks look better in smaller homes or spaces but will look in in larger areas as well.

This is yet another engineered option for you from BR111.  The product is 1/2" X 5" engineered santos mahogany with a 3.0 mm wear layer.  This sawn face can be sanded and refinished just like the 3/8" product.  The 5" wide plank usually looks better in open floor plans or homes with large rooms.

The colors of Santos Mahogany along with the hand scraped texture lend this floor a rustic feel. The 5" wide plank usually looks better in open floor plans or homes with large rooms.

The 5/16" solid product is the most economical solid santos mahogany from BR111.  The product is designed to be installed by glue down or staple down.  This allows the product to be installed over concrete or on top of wood subfloors.  Perfect product for someone that wants a solid at a low cost.

The 7/16" solid santos mahogany gives a little more wood than the 5/16" solid.  It costs a bit more but still is less expensive than the 3/4" solid products.  The width is only 2-5/8" wide so it will look better in smaller spaces.

This product is part of BR111's Green Label Collection, and as a 3" wide plank, it looks best in smaller homes and houses with a more closed in look. This product is almost as thick as a 3/4" solid at 5/8", but it provides more installation options.

As far as 3/4" santos mahogany this is the lowest priced product from BR111.  You can only install this product on a wood subfloor.  The 3" width looks good in most rooms but looks better in smaller spaces.

This is the most popular width in the solid santos mahogany products.  The 5-1/2" width is the best seller based on the width, because it can be used in most room sizes.