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Engineered Hardwood from LM Flooring


LM Flooring is designed, engineered and crafted for real people with real expectations. LM Flooring combines innovative manufacturing and craftsmanship to make one of the world's greatest engineered hardwood floors.  LM hardwood floors are specifically designed for the homeowner and installer alike.  There is no need to acclimate LM Flooring, but at True Hardwoods we always recommend acclimating engineered flooring for 48 hours prior to installation.  If you're looking for a quality engineered hardwood floor at an affordable price then look no farther than LM Flooring.  Below you'll find the LM Flooring collections we carry.

Alpine Collection
Bentley Collection
Center Street
Gevaldo Collection
Kendall Collection
Kendall Exotics Collection
Odessa Collection
River Ranch Collection
Rock Hill Hickory Collection
Sawyer Plank Beach House Oak
Seaside Maple Collection
Seneca Creek HS HDF Click
Seneca Creek HS T&G
St. Laurent Collection
Stony Brook Hickory Collection
Town Square