Boen Hardwood Flooring

BOEN’s main product is engineered hardwood flooring in 20-25 various wood types, with a choice of thicknesses to cover different needs. Today, BOEN delivers customised hardwood flooring for gluing to sub-floors, gluing or nailing in tongue and groove, self-bearing parquet boards for nailing to joists and hardwood floors in Clic or traditional tongue/groove for installing using the floating method.

The product range includes a large selection of strip, maxi strip, plank and patterned hardwood flooring. Most of these products can be delivered pre-finished with lacquered or oiled surfaces. Boen also offers tailor made surfaces.

BOEN offers a selection of accessories and maintenance products for all floorings in their range. This range is widely available throughout the world today.

A wide range of environmentally-friendly products based on a vast of experience in manufacturing hardwood flooring

BOEN Bruk AS started manufacturing mosaic and solid wood flooring in 1953 progressing to multi-layer prefinished hardwood flooring in 1966. The knowledge we acquired during those many years, is drawn on today when manufacturing our multi-layered hardwood flooring which comes in a range of thicknesses from 10-23mm.

BOEN's wood specialists and engineers have a vast knowledge of the effect the climate has on wood. This important factor has played a significant role in our choice of technology and techniques. BOEN have themselves developed and built many of the principal machines used in the production process. BOEN's standards are on average considerably higher than those which are generally practised in the production of parquet.  

Product stability and precision

Wood continually expands and contracts in accordance with changes in humidity. Many attempts have been made to hinder the movement of the hardwood strips, but none have been totally successful. The thicker and wider the staves are, the greater the variation experienced.

Comparison tests show that BOEN multi layer hardwood has very little convex and concave movement. This is due to a combination of narrow strips, correct composition of the blocking layer, a very good adhesion process and continuous follow-up based on BOEN's Quality Control System. 

ConneXProcess - advanced method of planing

In contrast to other manufacturers of multi-layered hardwood flooring, we mill the tongue and groove after varnishing. The edges of the board are then sharp and the floor when laid does not have any visible joins. BOEN was the first on the market with such a product and is able to deliver a product that is top in its class in the worlds parquet market.   

Unique tongue and groove connection

Our patented sports floor BOFLEX has an unique tongue and groove connection that withstands decades of wear. BOEN's product development department has incorporated this knowledge into its standard multi layer hardwood flooring products. Such tiny details provide a dramatic improvement to installation and connection between tongue and groove.  

Laquered floors - BOEN Protect Ultra  

BOEN's ready varnished multi layer hardwood flooring is coated with 6 layers:

  • special layer of impregnating lacquer
  • foundation lacquer containing pore filler
  • 2 layers of strong foundation lacquer
  • finally two top layers with improved resistance to micro scratches

The result is an even, smooth and easy-care surface. Lacquer must incorporate a number of properties to enable the ready laid floor to function well:

  • good adherence to the wood
  • allow a certain amount of flexibility to facilitate for movement in the floor
  • water repellent
  • attractive lustre.

In addition, it needs to be "fast to light" and stop UV rays affecting the colour of the wood. Neither must it contain dangerous gasses or combustible elements. For a manufacturer there are a number of hygiene, environmental, mechanical and chemical factors to be addressed. BOEN Protect Ultra satisfies all of these requirements. 

BOEN Ecoline (Pre-oiled) 

Boens pre-oiled parquet is treated with 2 coats of oil which are brushed and polished into the wood. Excess oil is then removed and finally the oil is dried and tempered with the help of 6 UV lamps. The oil does not contain dangerous gasses and satisfies all the requirements for oiled surface treatment in accordance with European standards. Ecoline Oil is revolutionary within pre-oiling since it does not require additional treatment when the floor is laid in a room exposed to normal wear.  

A wide range of products 

BOEN offers a wide variety of wood types in several grades, patterns and thicknesses either with pre-lacquered or pre-oiled surfaces. Patterns: Long strip, plank, ships plank of wide and narrow boards,  double and single herringbone, basket weave combined with boards and decorative squares. Thicknesses: 10, 12, 15, 21, or 23mm. Products with a 6mm hardwood layer are: Traffic, Strongline.  

BOEN ULTRA Care and Maintenance products 

The BOEN ULTRA series contains a complete range of products for care and maintenance of hardwood flooring. BOEN hardwood flooring lends its name with a clear conscience to this series which comprises the best on the market today.

BOEN Project Service
BOEN has a wide range of technical information available, covering the strict demands laid down for sub-flooring, the actual building itself, installation or surfaces. Contact Boen Bruk AS for further information.